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Hiring a new employee

When you are planning to employ staff, you should specify as precisely as possible the needs or tasks for which your company needs workers.

By answering the questions you get a check-list which has information about the things you need to take into account and deal with when employing someone. The check-list also has information about the different ways of taking someone on to work. If you want to, you can print out the checklist

Recruitment wizard (


Finding an employee at Job Market Finland (

Acting as an employer

Employer Register (

Collective Bargaining Agreements (

Employers arrange pension insurance (

Pay (

Incomes Register (

Filing reports on wages and employer’s contributions

Hiring a foreign employee

Foreign employees must also be insured (
Insurance contributions in international situations (
Employment matters as they relate to foreign workers (
Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland (

Occupational health care

Occupational Health Care in the nutshell (
Occupational Safety and Health Act (Finlex)
Occupational Health Care Act (Finlex)

Know your responsibility and build trust (


Employment Contracts Act (Finlex)
Collective agreements Act (Finlex)
Occupational Safety and Health Act (Finlex)
Occupational Health Care Act (Finlex)
Annual Holidays Act (Finlex)
Working Time Act (Finlex)
Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (Finlex)
Protection of Privacy in Working Life (Finlex)

Temporary agency work

Temporary agency work (

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